Featured: Reverend Nora’s about to leave us with a new roof

April 30, 2017

The Reverend Nora Hill will be retiring from her role as priest of St Michael’s in Tintern on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of June. Her leaving coincides with the start of a major part of the restoration programme for the church building, the complete repair and re-covering of the roof in natural Welsh slate.

Nora Hill pictured with the scaffolding erected in preparation for the roof renewal at St Michael's.

Nora Hill pictured with the scaffolding erected in preparation for the roof renewal at St Michael’s.

The work on the roof is expected to take 12 weeks, to be completed in early August. The new covering will help secure the church from the elements for a great many years to come and will also dramatically improve the aesthetic appeal of this historic building.


Take 15 years and make a miracle happen

Nora Hill is retiring after 15 years as priest at St Michael’s. She took over at a time when Sunday attendance had fallen to two or three and St Michael’s was in a precarious position regarding its survival. A decade and a half later there is a thriving congregation and the church once more is a vigorous presence in the community.

Service of Thanksgiving

There will be a service of thanksgiving for Nora’s ministry in Tintern on Saturday 10th June at 2.00pm in St Michael’s Church to which everyone in the community is warmly invited.

Village Hall tea

After the thanksgiving service, tea will be served in the village hall at 4.00pm and once again everyone is invited.

Last service

Nora will preside at her last service in Tintern on the morning of 11th June at 10.30am.

DSC_0016Anyone from the Tintern community or further afield who would like to mark Nora’s retirement is invited to make a donation so that she may be presented with a cheque during her retirement celebration.
Please make your gift by offering cash or a cheque (made to ‘St Michaels Tintern PCC’ and marked on the reverse ‘Nora retirement’) to Andrew Reid or Alan Carter. Alternatively, cheques or cash may be left with Andrew at Wye Barn, The Quay, Tintern, NP16 6TB (it’s the first house along the riverbank from The Anchor Inn).


For further information please phone Andrew on 07774 726860 or email andrew.reid@huntermillerreid.co.uk