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Looking for a lift to London next weekend? Or maybe a good home for the spare toaster? Perhaps the cat went for a walk and hasn’t come back. Whatever you’re looking for, whatever’s on your mind that you’d like to communicate to others in Tintern, this is the place to do it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Andrew-Reid/100002487035742 Andrew Reid

    hi david

  • sandra parsons

    Just to say how good it is to see the the Tintern websight up and running, good luck to you all.

    • tintern_online

      Hello Sandra. Really appreciate your support for the site. We hope it
      will become a useful  asset for the village which everyone can enjoy. 

  • tintern_online

    Hello Sandra. Really appreciate your support for the site. We hope it will become a useful  asset for the village which everyone can enjoy. 

  • Brian Ellam

    Does anyone else think it would be good to have some kind of village shop run as a co-operative and staffed by volunteers? Quite a challenge I know, but great things can be done when the community pulls together – as this new website shows!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Smith/1075245909 David Smith

      Similar to the Brockweir village shop?

      • Brian Ellam

        Yes David – imagine a rebuilt village hall with state of the art green technology, community shop full of local produce, cyber-cafe, local library…………

        • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Smith/1075245909 David Smith

          Then yes … i’m all for it … 

    • tintern_online

      Brian, it’s a great idea and something Tintern needs. It’s a challenge for sure but, as you say, great things can be done when the community pulls together.

    • Paul Christie

      Brian, it strikes me that the Cherry Tree could offer such a venue. I believe we are in a situation in which if nothing is done then we will end up with the Cherry decaying to dust in the heart of our community and before our very eyes.
      See the update here for the reasons for the current stalemate and why it is unlikely that the building will ever get bought for development (certainly for the current price):
      A community buy-out (when the vendors undergo an asking price reality check) is surely not beyond the new proactive and positive can-do attitude that I sense is developing in the community?

  • David

    Well done to geting the Tintern website live, I’m sure it will help locals keep in touch with whats going on. However to make the site more popular with those outside Tintern I think you should have some content for all the walkers who visit the area -such as details of the walks that can be taken, what wildlife we have in the area. This would make Tintern an even more interesting area to visit. PIctures and a section on “where the locals go” could really help.

    • tintern_online

      David, you are quite right and having content relating to walks, wildlife and the outdoors in general is an important part of the site plan. If anyone has any good and reliable walk descriptions for Tintern and nearby that they’d like to share, please use the contact form on the site. (They’d need to be free of copyright so could not be lifted directly out of existing guide books.)

  • Chloe

    What a fabulous resource for the residents of Tintern. Forums like this really allow a community to communicate and foster a sense of togetherness- bravo, tintern_online!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/David-Smith/1075245909 David Smith

    Does anyone know of any local ‘house’ cleaners?  We’re looking for a cleaner to come for about 4hrs a week.

  • Ron Morris

    Great to find your Tintern website, I’ve missed not having updates on the old village I once lived in, I have fond memories of my childhood and teenage days, Family history is my hobby and Tintern was a very big part of it, even though we kids thought the Abbey would be a much nicer place when they finish it and put the roof on.
    I wish you all the very best of luck with the site. 

  • Rachellou9

    Can I just say what a fantastic Jubilee Day in Tintern yesterday. Well done to everyone involved I’ll never forget what i did for Jubilee Day. Well Done.

  • Andrew Reid

    Lost property at Tintern Jubilee celebrations on Monday 4th June:

    •  Small child’s red hooded top
    •  A pair of grey, metal-framed spectacles

    Reply here or contact John Livermore on 01291 689461 to claim.

  • John Hopkins

    Can anyone help in my quest to trace my 2@4b81c75f15bfbeb137dba8baa935a775:disqus Many Thanks Great Granddad who was a servant in the household of a Catherine Truman who lived in Tintern Rd in the 1860s.  His son worked as a wiredrawer  as my father was a wiredrawer in Birmingham and then Cardiff I would like to make a connection

  • Carolinemartin

    Hi my name is Caroline. I recently visited Tintern Abbey on my birthday and had a lovely walk around the village. It really is beautiful. I wonder if anyone would be able to help me with some family history research. My Great Grandmother Frances Burnett lived in Rose Cottage Tintern until she died in about 1948/9. My dad remembers going to stay with her during the war. Frances husband Daniel died in 1925 in Highfield, Brockweir, St Briavels. Frances and Daniel had 5 children including my Grandfather, also Daniel. (although her first 2 children were from her first husband a Mr Wilcox) I would love to know what brought the family to the village and what trade Daniel snr may have held. I know it’s a long shot as it is a long time ago but thought it may be worth asking.
    Thank you so much for any information that might be out there, I am very grateful.
    Regards, Caroline.

  • Fiona Wilton

    Wondering if all in the village are aware of the planning application by the Abbey Hotel. The owner wants to close it this winter and turn it into “dwellings” (of which only two would be affordable homes). The place has been a tavern since the 12th Century and this proposal doent seem to be in keeping with the needs of visitors or of villagers. Please everyone have a look at MCCs planning page and let them have your opinionsby the end of September.

  • Helen Carter

    May I say a masssive thank you to whoever handed my camera in to The Royal George last week. I dropped it near the village hall and despite putting up notices, I did not expect to see it again. It was especially precious as it had belonged to my dad and had his last photo’s on it as well as the holiday Mum and I had just taken.
    Thanks again, Helen Carter.

    • tintern_online

      Helen, very pleased indeed that the camera is back with you again. It must have been horrible when it went missing.

      Andrew Reid

  • Fiona and Nick

    Hi Fiona, thanks for this, sorry we’ve only just seen it. We too were shocked to hear of the application and believe we must do everything possible to stop this- in the interim we’ve started a petition (134 signatures to date) through ’38degrees’. The petition can be found here: http://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/saving-the-abbey-hotel-tintern-monmouthshire-1. Best wishes, Fiona & Nick

  • Malcolm Wilton

    Revised planning notice for the Abbey Hotel has been posted on its railings

  • David

    Found: A large number of green recycling sacks have been found on Trelleck Road following this weeks windy weather. If the owner would like to collect them then let us know. Just email us on dave_scott1@msn.com.

  • Malcolm Wilton

    The planning application for The Abbey hotel has been set for 4th June. One elected representative will be allowed to voice opposition.

  • Fiona Wilton

    Saturdays are very busy changeover clean days for out cottages so we could not stay long at the fete but we are glad we made time to come and we thoroughly enjoyed the music and all the stalls. Vastly entertained by the teddies clearly keeled over after a very good lunch! Thanks to all who put on a lovely afternoon.

  • Stew

    Hi – We’ve just moved into the village & are very happy to be here!
    Does anyone have a good local contact to deliver some matured firewood (logs).
    We are also after a cleaner for a few hours a week – again anyone any recommendations?
    Stew & Mel

    • waxfrog

      For the last two years we have purchased kiln dried wood blocks from Woodgate Sawmills Coleford, tel 01594 832 386. Last price paid for approx half ton £105 in September but on their website they now quote £162 for one pallet (approx half ton)

      In regards to cleaners. We used this company to find us a great, insured cleaner at a reasonable rate: http://www.timeforyou.co.uk/Home-Cleaning/Newport

  • Fiona Wilton

    The glass recycling point has been taken away from the former Abbey Hotel Car park. Anyone know where the nearest one now is?

  • Andrew Reid

    A Samsung mobile phone has been found by the see-saw near the Village Hall. Please contact Andrew Reid on 07774 726860 or at andrew.reid@huntermillerreid.co.uk for more information.

  • Will Kirby

    Two RSPB research workers are looking for self contained accommodation in Tintern or surrounding area from mid-April for 3 months. May suit a holiday cottage pre-main season. If anyone has anything that might be suitable please email me will.kirby@rspb.org.uk or tel 01858 555878. Many thanks, Will

  • Maggie Majumdar

    Is anyone missing a peacock? We now have one as a very persistent visitor in our garden. If it is yours, please email me on majumdar_uk@yahoo.co.uk or ring at 01291680223.

  • Bethan

    We have just moved into the area and loving the village, I was wondering is if anyone knows of a book club in the local area, and/or any events & meet ups for new mums?

  • Patricia

    Very excited to see the article about the restoration of the tomb at St Mary’s,
    Tintern, on Chapel Hill. Richard White’s sister Elizabeth was married to William Jorden. Their son Edward
    Jorden, took over the Iron Works when Richard died. Was up there a few years ago
    looking for Richard’s grave and didn’t find it. Descended from Edward Jorden –
    would love more info if there is any. Have stayed at the Royal George which became Edward Jorden’s home as well.

    • Ron Morris

      Hi Patricia, I have a little history on the topic of Richard White, my email is
      ronmorris1@talktalk.net Will look forward to hearing from you. Ron Morris.

      • Patricia

        hope to hear more

  • David

    Whatever happened to the Tintern Angiddy Project ?

  • Valerie

    Does anyone now remember the war years in Tintern?

  • Ron Morris

    Does anyone know if one of the most iconic buildings in Tintern, (St Mary’s church on Chapel Hill) has anything in place to date to save what’s left? ………………………

    • Lyn South

      I’ve heard that someone is talking to the owner of the church, I’m not sure but it could be a Heritage company.

  • Fiona Wilton

    I am looking for someone or a small group of people who could help design and make a banner depicting Tintern. Approx 18″ square and Ideally painted on fabric and then embroidered or appliqued over. Its for Tintern Walkers are Welcome . Groups all over the country have them and ours needs to do us proud too! I can show you pics of others for inspiration! Please share this message with anyone who would be helpful and able!

  • LInda Noble

    Hi – I visited Tintern and Chepstow in October 2013 looking for places my ancestors may have walked. I am descended from William Morris (circa 1530′s), specifically Thomas Morris who was a son or other relative. Thomas traveled to and lived in Barbados and his son, Lewis later immigrated to Monmouth, New Jersey, USA. If anyone has any further information about Willam, his descendants or ancestors, please contact me at lindasnoble@hotmail.com. Thanks.

  • tintern_online

    Missing cat alert!

  • Emma Higgin

    Hello! Just a quick one to tell all the local ladies I’m running a ‘Fit & Fab’ exercise class every Thursday at 1:15pm and 6:15pm at Mackenzie Village Hall in Brockweir. All fitness levels welcome! £5 pay-as-you-go. Call Emma on 07837 710688

  • tintern_online

    Urgent call for babysitters in Tintern and local area for the night of 14th February to allow parents to go to the Tntern Valentine’s Barn Dance in the Village Hall.

  • Fiona Wilton

    Brilliant there is a new defilbrillator in Tintern. get trained because when you can use the local one you can use any one anywhere. Suggest this website shows a lit of other local machines ( eg Catbrook Village Hall. Llandogo Browns, where else?) Each one everywhere has an access code to get it off the wall and wherever you are the 999 Ambulance service can give you the nearest machine location and its code.

  • Fiona Wilton

    Cleaning help needed July to late September at busy holiday cottages in
    Tintern and Catbrook to cover maternity leave. Might extend for right
    person. Must have own transport and be totally reliable. Couple of hours
    a couple of times most weeks, Please call 01600860341.

  • Melissa Wallace

    Can anyone in the village recommend a good window cleaner (for exterior windows and conservatories)? Please let me know!

  • Ron Morris

    Two questions, Does anyone have any news on St Mary’s church, Chapel Hill,
    And can anyone tell me why Mr David Hurn as not done any Tintern history for 2015
    Thank you ………… Ron.

  • Fiona Wilton

    Our cleaning company has decided to give up doing holiday houses and focus on domestic cleans so we are in need of help with a busy cottage in Catbrook and one in Tintern starting soon as poss. Must have own transport and be 100% reliable. Good rates of pay. ideally two people working together but all options considered. Please pass this message to your contacts and ask them to e mail Fiona@monmouthshirecottages.co.uk!